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The doors are always open at The Villy. Your permanent place to meet, drink endless coffee or check off your to-do list at one of our workplaces.

The Villy Terraced Tower Rotterdam

Your village in the city

The Villy Works Rotterdam - Individual workspaces
The Villy Works Rotterdam - Meeting Room
The Villy Works Rotterdam - Individual Workspaces + Meeting Rooms

The Villy Works

Discover The Villy Works, the co-working space in Rotterdam. We offer individual workplaces with adjustable sit-stand desks and good office chairs, professional meeting rooms and... a space to record your podcast. From small meeting rooms/coaching spaces for 2 and 4 people to larger meeting rooms for 8 and 10 people. Enjoy free calling booths, unlimited coffee, tea, water and fruit and a view of the Erasmus Bridge. Experience the village feeling with top professional facilities.

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