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Nad’s Flavors | Working Day

Welcome to our The Villy community! How lovely that you found us through Nad’s Flavors. We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in experiencing a free day of work at The Villy Works.
Steps to get started:

Before visiting:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Visit our location page to reserve an individual work spot
  3. Choose a day and check-in/-out time
  4. Keep in mind that same-day reservations are not possible

On the day of your reservation:

  1. To enter The Villy Works, go to the Choosewise webapp on your phone
  2. Click the scan icon (right-top) to open your camera
  3. Check-in by scanning the QR code on the co-workspace door and opening the door with the web app
  4. Show Nad’s Flavors content that you saw on social media to our staff in order to get a free cinnamon bun
  5. Enjoy your free day of work
  6. Check out by scanning the QR code on the co-workspace door
  7. Use promocode NadsFree to unlock your free day

Any questions? Please email us at

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