Community Dinner

Laden Evenementen

Dinner is always better when you have it together.

During our community dinner, your+1 eats for free*! The dinner is always vegetarian and will be prepared by the Kolenkit Koks.

The KolenkitKoks is a foundation that supports and trains women to become professional cooks running their own businesses in the world of food. As part of the training, the KolenkitKoks provides catering for cultural and civic organizations, businesses, and also private catering. In this way, the cooks gain practical experience as well as build a network, and most importantly earn the financial support required to make the step toward setting up their own business. Therefore, the KolenkitKoks is about developing people’s skills and creating opportunities for talented home cooks who, for one reason or another, find it difficult to access the formal labor market.

RVSP on below to secure a spot:

First come, first serve! Please reserve for the number of people that you are coming with.

If you are joining our Community Dinner for the first time*, then you can bring a plus one for FREE! You only pay 25 euros (excl. drinks) for the food then. If you are with four people you pay 50 euros and two people eat for FREE!

Joining is only possible when you have a reservation!


Walk-in: 19:00

Dinner starts: 19:15


Harjinders menu:

Starter: Streetfood samosas with a tangy mangodip

Main course: Saag aloo, spiced spinach, and potato, served with fresh handmade naan flatbreads, raita, and salad

Dessert: Gulab jamun, a classic festive dessert of light dumplings flavored with a cardamom, rose, and saffron syrup

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