Community Dinner with the Kolenkit Koks

Laden Evenementen

Dinner is always better when you have it together. During our first community dinner, your + one eats for free! The dinner will be prepared by the Kolenkit Koks. The KolenkitKoks are a group of talented home cooks who are training to become a professional chef. What they will serve on this evening will be presented to you soon.

RVSP below to secure a spot. First come, first serve! Please reserve for the amount of people that you are coming with. If you are with two then one person eats for FREE! You only pay 25 euros (excl. drinks) for the food then. If you are with four people you pay 50 euros and two people eat for FREE! Joining is only possible when you have a reservation!

The dinner that will be served is Turkish. Mmm!

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