Jam Session Bla Bla Sounds x The Villy

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Join us for another Jam Session featuring The Villy!

Get ready to groove with the Villy Fam at this event!

Expect the same incredible vibe: a gathering of music enthusiasts and artists coming together for a night of sensational music, refreshing drinks, and amazing vibes! We can’t wait to jam with you!

Here’s the schedule:

– 16:00: Kick off the night with our house band—everyone’s invited to join in!
– 20:00: The Villy wraps up the festivities.

Our house band, Blabla Sounds, will keep the tunes flowing all night long. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just love to tap along, join in the fun! We’ve got instruments for you to play, or feel free to bring your own.

Of course, you’re welcome to simply enjoy the fantastic music, sip on delicious cocktails, indulge in tasty food, and soak up the good vibes!

About BlaBla Sounds:
Blabla Sounds brings people and artists together through open improvisation jam sessions. It’s a passion project led by musicians and producers Simone Don and Irwan van Wingerden, representing the vibrant Kolenkit neighborhood.

We can’t wait to see you there! Let’s make some unforgettable music together! Badum tsssss <3

Upcoming jams:

December 28th


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