Morning Sessions / Yoga Class

Laden Evenementen

Start your weekend slow and mindful. 

Breath in, breath out, do a stretch and have breakfast and a drink later at The Villy.

For only 12,50 you can sign up for zen yoga including an Uit de veren ontbijt. Here you can get a croissant, homemade jam, fresh orange juice and a coffee or tea free of choice at The Villy. After this (11:00h) you can also choose between a Sandwich Poached Egg with Avocadospread, a Yoghurtbowl or Pancakes. The breakfast will be after 11:00h. What an amazing start of your weekend right?!

We have limited spots only! So if you want to join, e-mail us as soon as possible (

P.S. it is only possible to sign up including the breakfast. You will pay this before the Yoga at The Villy where we meet at 09:45h.

P.P.S. Dress for the cold!


Any questions? Send us a DM or e-mail to


Our yoga instructor:

My name is Mihaela Leahu and I am a manager in a big corporation in my formal life. But this is just a label to identify my name, Mihaela is much more than that: a yoga teacher dreaming to become an ayurvedic therapist.

I have been practicing yoga in all style for more than 30 years and the first time I stepped onto a mat it was for the purpose of healing my body and my pain. I was in my 20, a woman that had been physically controlling herself since age of 7 through a rhythmic gymnastics’ activity and too many changes in a short period of time: personally, professionally.  That had a serious toll on my body as well as emotionally too. So, finding a new home on the mat allowed me to understand that it was not ok to hold back and listen to my body for a change.

I went slow and I opened myself to an idea that I had never even thought about…self-love. I learn about listening and not questioning, breathing, crying, and healing. This was the moment of spiritual introduction to my own energetic being: long journey of growth, frustration, awakening, deepening and discovery.

 Each time I step on my mat, I go into a mode of discovery and self-exploration.

Yoga has become the leading center of my life on and off the mat. A practice of compassion to myself, and towards other human and non-human fellow citizens of this Earth. It is everything that fuels all that I am and stand for and the exiting part is that I feel like it’s only the beginning.

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, is a holistic system that is connecting everything starting with the 5 elements that are the foundations of our constitution. In a nutshell, ayurveda is about food and herbs, lifestyle, mindset, time, and digestion. All this integrated with a yoga practice is going to build up the most beneficial foundations for living well in our physical, mental, and spiritual body.

Spreading the power of yoga and ayurveda in the world is my mission, so that I found that in the Villy’s community there is a positive energy that is ready to listen and discover more about it.

It is my pleasure to do such journey with all of you!

Can’t wait to see you on the mat very next time,


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