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Let’s meet up a The Villy and chat about the new PreggyLicious products and what you’d like to see more of.

Let me introduce myself, I am Sarah Abed-merain and my second name is most of the time mom! I grew up in Amsterdam and still live here with my daughter and boyfriend. Preggylicious is a brand that was born during my pregnancy and was founded with a mission to help moms find the right t-shirt to wear to the hospital. I worked in the fashion industry for seven years as a product developer, so I had a big network of suppliers who could help me bring this idea to life. After the Ready to Pop shirt, we added the Birthday Calendar and because of the beautiful artworks from Nora Mabrouki, we decided to make even more products with those artworks. Just last month, we added cool posters and there will be even more new products with those artworks coming soon! My dream is to create a website for all types of moms where you can find everything you need in the motherhood world. The start of the webshop with those 3 products is the first baby step but you will definitely hear the name Preggylicious a lot more in the future. We serve moms, moms-to-be or friends/family members of these women who are constantly busy with their kids and forget about having a look at a website where it’s all about them!

ore on or @preggylicious



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