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The Villy Works | Co-Work Day



Are you ready to be part of an inspiring community of like-minded individuals, where creativity flows, connections flourish, and collaborations lead to extraordinary achievements? Join us at The Villy Works for the Co-Work Day – a day filled with boundless possibilities, networking, and endless inspiration.

Whether you’re an enterprising entrepreneur, a free-spirited freelancer, or someone seeking a productive and vibrant environment, this event is tailor-made for you. It’s time to break free from the ordinary and step into an experience that promises joy, fulfilment, and meaningful connections.

At The Villy Works, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of collective knowledge and the magic of serendipitous interactions. Our Co-Work Day is more than just a workspace; it’s a thriving community where professionals from all walks of life come together to unleash their brilliance.

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of positivity and innovation, where fresh ideas spark, and inspiration flows freely. Connect with passionate individuals who share your vision for a brighter future and embark on collaborative projects that have the potential to transform lives.

While productivity is at the heart of our mission, we also cherish the value of social interaction. Engage in heartwarming conversations, share your experiences, and seize exciting opportunities that arise when you connect with like-minded souls. The friendships you make here can lead to remarkable achievements and lasting bonds that go beyond the workspace.

Pitch at 11:00 by: Sharaifa Taus – Founder/Matchmaker Datebase

Passionate about entrepreneurship and creating deep connections, Sharaifa set up Datebase to provide an effective and efficient way of dating in which a large group of singles finally feel heard and at home. Indeed, her vision goes beyond superficial dating apps and focuses on matching and bringing together like-minded singles with a growth mindset, who are looking for meaningful relationships.

Sharaifa has an exciting background that shaped her path to Datebase. She studied Public Administration at EUR and built a solid foundation in this discipline. However, after her studies, she preferred to do something that gave her more energy. Her organisational skills led her to the role of producer of networking events.

Despite her success in this role, Sharaifa always nurtured the ambition to set up her own business. With a lot of entrepreneurial experience already under her belt, she longed to create a unique and meaningful concept. A concept with which she could help others, inspire them and take immense pleasure in herself. This desire and her determination led her to found Datebase, the world’s first matchmaking agency focused on mindset, where she combined her dedication and vision to create a platform that facilitates deep connections.

Over the years, Sharaifa has developed a unique combination of skills and insights that have helped shape Datebase. Meanwhile, she has already had a successful year and her goal is to bring together many more singles with a growth mindset, help them grow and flourish in valuable relationships while enriching the modern dating world with positivity and a personal touch.

Ready to seize the day?

Prepare to bring your laptop and work materials and dive into our inviting workspace – equipped with all the essentials you need to thrive. Our comfortable surroundings, high-speed internet access, and nurturing environment are designed to elevate your productivity and spark your creativity.

And here’s the cherry on top – all this magic comes at an incredibly affordable price of just €33.5, including VAT. Here’s what awaits you:

✨ Unlimited coffee, tea, water, and fresh fruit to keep you energized throughout the day.
✨ Access to our sleek and modern mega fine flex workspace, carefully crafted to inspire and enhance productivity.
✨ Delight in a mouthwatering lunch featuring a small soup, a fresh salad, and a sandwich of your choice.
✨ Ignite your imagination as you exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs and co-workers, the brilliant minds of tomorrow.
✨ Embrace the freedom to utilize our Co-Working Space from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm – drop in whenever it suits you! No rigid schedules, just pure productivity and the liberty to enjoy your work on your terms.

Don’t let this extraordinary opportunity slip through your fingers. Be part of a vibrant community that dares to dream big, work smart, and make an impact. We would be truly honoured to have you join us at The Villy Works Co-Work Day. Together, let’s create something extraordinary!

🚀 Reserve your spot now and let the journey begin! 🚀

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