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The Yoga Food Club

The perfect way to kickstart your day with a much-needed dose of wellness.



A beautiful outdoor yoga experience to deliver a much-needed, perfect start of your day.

Our vision is to introduce a ritual focusing on a wellness experience involving mindfulness, food and people.


What does this session look like?

The routine begins with calming meditation, a mindful yoga practice, followed by a delicious and nutritious breakfast that we will eat together. πŸ™‚

Enjoy our Wakey Wakey breakfast including fresh orange juice, coffee or tea of choice and the choice between a yoghurt bowl, poached egg served on sourdough bread or pancakes with fresh fruit.

The price is €15,50, including the Wakey Wakey breakfast & yoga.


Who is your teacher?

This yoga will be a Yin session. Your teacher is Ranish Sijben.

Ranish is a talented yin yoga teacher form the neighbourhood.

” Yin yoga offers a refreshing counterbalance to our fast-paced society. It creates a moment to stand still and observe our bodies, hearts and minds. I think it’s essential to take proper breaks and create stillness and peace for ourselves. Through this, we can stay connected to ourselves and others. I wish this for everyone in whatever way works best for them and would feel honoured to facilitate it through yoga.” – Ranish


Time Schedule

09:15 – Gather at The Villy & Inform us with your choice of breakfast

9:30 – Start of the yoga

10:45 – End of yoga

10:50 – Breakfast time


Additional information

  • Our yoga session will take place at our neighbours Maqam, but we will gather ourselves in The Villy and guide you to the location.
  • We have yoga mats and blocks, but you can always bring your own equipment if you need anything else.


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