Visual Focus with UKIO

Laden Evenementen

An event by UKIO by The Villy:

Have you been walking around with a personal question for a while? Find your Visual Focus!
From 08.00-16.00, Marijn van Oosten (UKIO) will answer your question: the Visual Focus.
This is a personified, drawn (‘Tarot card’) drawing as a result.

In Dutch or in English.

To support the Amsterdam West Community, this Visual Focus session is based on donations and it is there possible to join for free and a photo of the results with your phone.

Book your spot here
The session includes a free drink.

The Visual uplifts the energy of the space you hag it in and your frequency when you see it. Some previous clients carry the visual with them.


Please note (!) the dates are available online and hold at the location where Marijn is at this moment, we aim to announce this 2 weeks upfront.


UKIO is creating a global fundament for society to live from their source in alignment.
Like wayfinding with flow, they create tools to live from in flow,
by making the invisible value tangible (visible) and joinable.

Through art and design we bring structure into formulas with space and freedom to discover, wonder, move, grow and enjoy.

Target group: Everyone who’s open to live in their Source.

They offer special service+products for: CEO’s/Founders/Global Leaders, Brands, Unique Beings, and Youngsters (10-20 years).



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