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Disco Bingo Throwback party edition.

Instead of the numbers on your bingo card, there are song titles! To cross off a song, listen to the 30 seconds we play of it. Recognize the song and it’s on your card? Then you can cross it off! This time the theme is 2010’s throwback party. Bruno Mars, Katy Perry Daft Punk, Rihanna & Drake. Do you know all the right songs to have a bingo?


Prizes are:

First round: Free ticket for an event of choice + The Villy mug.

Second round: A drink and bite of choice on the house + The Villy mug.

Third round: Win back your total drink bill!


The price to join is €15,00 per person.

Pre-order your first bingo card for €5,00 to reserve your spot for the night here!

Pay the rest of the bingo on the night itself.


See you there! 🙂


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