Women networking event & leisure games

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You didn’t think we would enter 2023 without a big bang, did you?! Ladies and..ladies, we have wanted to organize this one for so long, and as they say no time like the present! A meet-up and networking event for women that is…a games night!!! Specialty coffee and tea of your choice, @thevillyrhapsody ‘s newest launches, their special borrel platters {think cheese, dips, chips, all kinds of dips, cheese sticks, olives!} and a selection of games for you to play with women you have hopefully never met before and have the most fun first meet-up event in Jan, that we can promise!

DM @whatstheplannl to register.
Date: 14th January 2023
Time: 3:30 pm onwards
Reg. Fee includes everything: 30 €

Text and event by: Whats The Plan NL

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