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Do you like Italian detective stories?

Join us for an evening filled with suspense and intrigue as acclaimed author Francesco De Palo presents his captivating novels:


Interviewed, in both Italian and English, by the talented Giovanni Calvo.

Immerse yourself in the world of Italian crime fiction and discover the secrets hidden within the pages of De Palo’s gripping novels. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the mind of the author and unravel the mysteries that await!


Francesco De Palo was born in Ferno (Italy) in 1961 and lives in a small town in Northern Italy, in Cassano Magnago.

Son of workers from the South, he graduated as a Mechanical Industry Technician in 1979 by attending evening courses. In fact, already at the age of 15, during the day he worked in a factory as a turner.

He subsequently became a train driver, a job that kept him busy and passionate for 35 years, until his retirement.

In his free time he has dedicated himself to political activity since he was young (he was a city councilor for 10 years) and has cultivated a passion for cinema, reading and running: he has run, among other races, 20 marathons in Italy and abroad. The 21st will be Amsterdam 2024.

 “Perfect Victim” is his first novel and it was awarded in a literary competition held in Lerici (Liguria) in 2022. In 2023 he wrote “Double Victim”, both published by Porto Seguro Editore. They are the first two books of the victim’s “trilogy”, the final chapter of which will be released this year.



Milan today.

Vito Tarantino, in his own small way, is a successful man: he is a handsome man, a beloved husband, an adored father, a good marathon runner. But above all he is a Police Commissioner who, due to the numerous cases solved, is highly respected by his superiors and almost all his colleagues. Among these are the young and brilliant agent Franco De Blasio, the expert but lazy deputy commissioner Gianni Bardini and the beautiful and determined inspector Laura Tasseri. With the Commissioner they form the “Tarantino Gang” which, in “Vittima perfetta”, will conduct an investigation into the disappearance of a man who disappears in a very particular moment of his life: Alfonso Loreto, in fact, is a bad person who the events of life by which he is overwhelmed make it increasingly uglier and whose long path to redemption in prison, just as it seemed to have been accomplished, is suddenly interrupted by his disappearance.

But even in the life of a successful man there can be hidden secrets that would make it less mirrored. And even judicial cases resolved in the most brilliant of ways can then reveal unexpected epilogues to the point that the boundary between good and evil, between guilty and innocent takes on such blurred contours as to nullify the certainty of every clue, of every piece of evidence and – even – of every sentence.

In “Doppia vittima”, however, Commissioner Vito Tarantino and his gang must clarify the death, perhaps accidental, of a highly esteemed woman: Professor Giulia Riccobono, principal of a technical institute and president of an association of partisans who , with her beloved husband Roberto, chose to “escape” Milan to live in Luino, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, while continuing to work in her hometown.

A simple case, so simple that it doesn’t even seem like a case.

But which, with the succession of events and as in a game of Chinese boxes, will always reveal new scenarios, always new characters who will turn out to be custodians of unspeakable secrets and on which Commissioner Tarantino will be called, against his will, to shed full light.

 “Vittima perfetta” and “Doppia vittima” are two “self-conclusive” thrillers, they can be read independently of each other.

See you there!

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