Tray & Tea-light Candle Holder Workshop

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Tray & Tea-light
Candle Holder Workshop

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Are you ready to ignite your creativity? Join us for an engaging workshop where we delve into the artistry of crafting Tray & Tea-light Candle Holders using Jesmonite, a versatile composite material.

What are we going to make?

We will be crafting stunning Tray & Tea-light Candle Holders, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Process Overview:

– Color Combination Exploration:*Discover the magic of color blending and mixing to create captivating hues.
– Preparing Jesmonite Material: Learn the intricacies of handling Jesmonite, a lightweight alternative to traditional materials.
– Technique Showcase: Unveil the secrets behind achieving marble effects, splashes, and golden touches.
– Molding & Shaping: Get hands-on experience shaping your creations with molds to bring your vision to life.
– Drying Time: While your masterpieces dry, indulge in a relaxing break with complimentary tea or coffee.
– Finishing Touch: Put the final polish on your creations through meticulous sanding for a flawless finish.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes of immersive crafting experience.

About Jesmonite:

Jesmonite products offer a unique blend of a reactive mineral base and a pure water-based acrylic resin. Not only are they lightweight alternatives to conventional materials, but they are also eco-friendly and safe to use without causing harm to your skin or the environment.

About Day Design Amsterdam

Welcome to Day Design Amsterdam! Meet Didem and Deniz, the owners of the company. Didem has resided in The Netherlands for 9 years, while Deniz for 3 years. Both of them are from Turkiye.

Sharing a passion for sustainability, interior design, fragrances, and colors, they embarked on creating candles and home decorations together.

Additionally, they proudly serve as brand ambassadors for The Goatz Candles from Turkiye. Explore their scented candles and candle holders available for purchase at The Villy.

Get ready to spark your creativity and craft something truly special at their Jesmonite workshop!

Materials Provided:

We’ve got you covered with gloves and aprons to ensure a safe and enjoyable crafting experience.

There are also 3 drinks free of choice included with your ticket!

Come unleash your artistic flair and walk away with your very own Tray & Tea-light Candle Holders that are sure to impress! Reserve your spot now and let your creativity shine!

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